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How do I access the Finance Zone remotely?

After you use this guide, you will be able to remotely access most of the specialist software available at the Eddie Davies Finance Zone. This includes Eikon with Datastream, SDC Platinum, Capital IQ Excel add-in, SAS and Stata. (The method is different for Bloomberg, please see our other post Accessing Bloomberg Web.)

If it is at all possible for you to use another resource such as Compustat (via WRDS)Eikon Web or Capital IQ, we strongly recommend you do so.

In Step 2, you will need to install a 2-factor authentication app (Duo).

Getting connected in three steps

  1. Choose one of the AMBS 2.011a/b clusters/groups
  2. Follow the remote PC cluster access instructions 
  3. Use the specialist software


Step 1: Choose one of the AMBS 2.011a/b clusters/groups

There are two clusters in the Finance Zone which are arranged into up to four groups: 

  • AMBS 2.011A with SDC Platinum (1 PC) 

  • AMBS 2.011A with Eikon and SDC Platinum (0 PCs) 

  • AMBS 2.011A with Eikon, Capital IQ Excel and SDC Platinum (1 PC) 

  • AMBS 2.011B with Eikon and SDC Platinum (3 PCs) 

Note: These groups do not include the 21 physically accessed PCs available in the Finance Zone. The number of physical and remote access PCs may change according to demand.

These groups provide access to the database software listed in their names. They all include SAS, Stata, MATLAB, SPSS and NVivo. 

Make a note of which groups you might need to access. 


Step 2: Follow the remote PC cluster access instructions 

IT Services have provided instructions on how to access all the remote PC clusters on campus. Login to the Support Portal and then click the following Knowledge Base article: 

(Alternatively, log into the Support Portal and search for RPC. Or view the RPC PDF version.) 

In the Citrix Workspace, search for the ‘AMBS 2.011’ groups which you made a note of in Step 1 and log into one of those desktops. 

AMBS desktops in Citrix



Step 3: Use the specialist software

We have written some guides to help you connect to the specialist financial database software: 


​You can access your P drive to save your work. You may use the machine for up to 90 minutes at a time. You must log out as soon as you have finished collecting data to allow other people to log in.


Log off when you have finished


More help getting connected

If you would like more help with getting connected, please read the questions about remote PC access.

If you have problems with 2-factor authentication, contact IT Services.

If you have problems with the financial databases, search for other questions here or contact the Library.