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Accessing Capital IQ (Excel version)

Capital IQ Excel login

Do you want to use add columns to an existing data set? Or use the identifier converter tool? If you are using a PC at the Eddie Davies Finance Zone with the Capital IQ Excel add-in (Office plug-in) installed, you may log in to the add-in with the same username and password as the Capital IQ website. (You must register for your own Capital IQ account using your University email address. It can take half an hour after registration before your account works in Excel.) See also our guide How do I access the Finance Zone remotely?

You may be asked if you want to enable extra keyboard shortcuts (we always disable these).

Resetting the Excel add-in

Sometimes the Capital IQ Excel add-in stops behaving correctly; for example, you can access the templates but all the formulas give errors instead of data. You may have to run the Plug-In Diagnostics. To do this, follow the following steps.

  1. Close all Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  2. In the Windows Start menu, choose 'S > S&P Capital IQ Office Plug-in > Plug-in Manager'.
  3. In the 'Configuration' tab, if the Excel option is not ticked, tick it and click the 'Apply' button.
  4. In the 'Diagnostics' tab, click the 'Run Now' button and wait for the test to finish.
  5. Relaunch Excel and try the add-in again.

Capital IQ Plug-in Manager Capital IQ Plug-in Manager Capital IQ Plug-in Manager run diagnostics