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Accessing Datastream via Eikon

Datastream is available as an Excel add-in on selected PCs at the Eddie Davies Finance Zone. Academic staff may also request an installation.

Datastream is an extension of the Eikon Desktop database installation.

  1. You must sign into Eikon first with an Eikon ID.
  2. After the Eikon Excel add-in is connected, close Excel and open it again. This will register the Datastream Excel add-in.
  3. Sign into Eikon again, then the Datastream add-in should work.


1. Sign into the Eikon Excel add-in

Log into a PC with Eikon Desktop and start Excel. Create a new blank workbook.

Excel with Refinitiv Eikon tab


Click on the 'Refinitiv Eikon' tab (which may instead say 'Thomson Reuters') then click the 'Sign In' button.

Refinitiv Eikon sign in

Sign in to Eikon with an Eikon ID and password.

Eikon signed in

The Eikon Excel add-in is now signed in and active.


2. Register the Datastream Excel add-in

Close Excel 

Close Excel then open it again. Create a new blank workbook.

Eikon again

There is now an extra Excel tab called 'Refinitiv Eikon Datastream' (it may instead say 'Thomson Reuters Datastream').

If the Datastream tab does not appear, you may need to enable it:

  1. In the 'Refinitiv Eikon' or 'Thomson Reuters' tab, click 'Add-Ons'.
  2. Click the 'Enable' button to the right of 'Datastream'.
  3. Close Excel.

3. Set up the Datastream Excel add-in

Click on the 'Refinitiv Eikon' (or 'Thomson Reuters') tab then click the 'Sign In' button.

Eikon signed in again

You should not be asked to provide the Eikon ID and password again.

Datastream tab is active

Click on the 'Refinitiv Eikon Datastream' or ('Thomson Reuters Datastream') tab.

You can now use Datastream.

Note: We recommend that you untick 'Auto Refresh' and 'Embed Formula' in requests so that your workbooks can be opened on another PC.

Further support

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