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Accessing Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Professional database is only available from the terminals at the Eddie Davies Finance Zone in the Alliance Manchester Business School building, room 2.011a.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the different ways to access Bloomberg?
  • How do I start Bloomberg?
  • How do I access Bloomberg Market Concepts?
  • How do I request a Bloomberg Terminal Username?
  • What times and days can I use Bloomberg?
  • Further support


What are the different ways to access Bloomberg?

There are two ways for students to access Bloomberg Professional data from the Bloomberg Suite PCs (with the coloured keyboards):

  1. Bloomberg Terminal: the Bloomberg software which is known for its black-background screens which can be arranged on up to four monitors. This is the main way to use Bloomberg, searching through interactive, graphical functions. You can usually export or download the data, with some restrictions.
  2. Excel add-in: the Bloomberg Excel add-in provides functional, bulk searches for quantitative data. There is strict monthly download limit in Excel so we encourage people to be considerate and use the terminal instead where possible.

Bloomberg Terminal login screen Bloomberg Excel spreadsheet builder Bloomberg keyboard

Students who signed up for the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) training and certification course before 30 June 2022 may continue to access it through the Bloomberg for Education Portal in their web browser. Everyone else must take BMC from the Bloomberg Terminal.



How do I start Bloomberg?

When you are in the Finance Zone, Bloomberg Suite, choose an available PC.

  1. Log into the PC with your usual University username and password.
  2. Click on the Start menu, click in the 'Bloomberg' folder, run 'Bloomberg'. 
  3. You will need either the shared Bloomberg Terminal Login on the monitor (such as 'mbslibn') or a personal one you have created. 
  4. When the software has finished loading, enter the terminal login name and password and click 'Login'.


How do I access Bloomberg Market Concepts?

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certification and training modules are available via the Bloomberg terminal. See our post Getting certified with Bloomberg Market Concepts.

If you started the course on the Bloomberg for Education portal before 30 June 2022, you can continue it there.


How do I create a Bloomberg Terminal Username?

Each desk at the Bloomberg Suite has a sign with a shared Bloomberg Terminal Username. You may create your own personal Bloomberg Terminal Username at the terminal (any Bloomberg PC).

  1. Launch Bloomberg but do not log in.
  2. Look for the 'Create a New Login' option and follow the instructions on-screen.

Note: Your account will expire after 90 days if you do not use it. Look out for a reminder email.


What times and days can I use Bloomberg?

Please be respectful of the needs of other Bloomberg users. Access is strictly limited.You may use the Bloomberg terminals at the Eddie Davies Finance Zone whenever the AMBS building is open, unless there is a training session in progress.

Note, this service is available to students and staff of AMBS only.


How do I reactivate my Bloomberg Terminal username if it expires?

Your Bloomberg terminal username will be automatically deactivated after 90 days without use. You should be sent a reminder email near the deactivation day, prompting you go log in and keep the account active.

If your account becomes deactivated, you will see an error like the following after you try to log in: 'Error 14.1 Invalid Credentials'.

Login failed, invalid credentials

To reactivate your account, you must telephone the Bloomberg support desk which is open 24/7. They have numbers in several countries around the world. The UK number is +44 20 7330 7500.

If you have hearing impairments and cannot use the telephone, Bloomberg have an accessible option. Please let us know if you would like to request that. 


Further support

We have provided the following guides on using Bloomberg:

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