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How do I book an Eikon ID to use Datastream or Eikon?

If you want to use Datastream or Eikon, you need to request a slot in our booking system. When you do book a slot, you will be allowed to use one of our Eikon IDs. Each Eikon ID can be used by one person at a time, only during their requested time. Datastream is available as an Eikon Excel add-in.

Outline of how to use an Eikon ID

  1. Book a date and time to use an Eikon ID
  2. Collect your Eikon User ID and Eikon Password
  3. Log into Eikon
  4. Use then log out of Eikon


1. Book a date and time to use an Eikon ID

There are 17 Eikon IDs for students with a limit of 4 hours each (subject to change). There are three unlimited Eikon IDs for research staff (labelled 26, 29, 30). The steps to book a date and time are:

Welcome to Resource Booker Make a booking, choose Eddie Davies Finance Zone logins 

  1. Go to Resource Booker and log in with your University login details.
  2. On the purple menu on the left, click 'Make a booking'.
  3. Click on the tile labelled 'EDDIE DAVIES FINANCE ZONE LOGINS'.
  4. Use the calendar on the right to find a suitable date, start time and end time.
  5. The list of resources on the left will update to reveal which Eikon IDs are available. Click on any one of these.
  6. You will be asked to provide a 'BOOKING TITLE'. Type either 'Datastream' or 'Eikon' here, whichever of the resources you wish to use, then click the 'BOOK' button.
  7. You will get an email to confirm your booking which may go to your junk folder.
  8. If you need to edit or cancel your booking, you can log into Resource Booker and use the 'My bookings' menu.

Search for date and time then select an available ID Give a description and make the booking


2. Collect your Eikon User ID and Eikon Password


We are working on a system which will send you an email with the user ID and password. Until then, you can access these details from Resource Booker just before you are ready to use them.

My bookings Make a booking, go to Eddie Davies Finance Zone logins

  1. Log into Resource Booker again.
  2. On the purple menu on the left, click 'My bookings' to check which Eikon ID number you have booked. Unfortunately, the login details are not visible from this part of the booking system.
  3. On the purple menu on the left, click 'Make a booking', then 'EDDIE DAVIES FINANCE ZONE LOGINS' and view the list of Eikon IDs.
  4. For the Eikon ID number you have booked, click on the icon to the right. The 'EIKON USER ID' and 'EIKON PASSWORD' will appear below.

Note: the username and password will change frequently. You must always book a slot.

Click on the 'i' icon on the right View the current username and password


3. Log into Eikon

You can now log into:


4. Use then log out of Eikon

When you have finished using Eikon, you must log out.