Answered By: Lea Anderton
Last Updated: Sep 19, 2018     Views: 4

What is MeSH?

MeSH headings are usually the default option in Medline. Other database may require you to tick the MeSH box for it to be activated.

If you cross search databases the MeSH function disappears. Some database e.g. EBM Reviews do not have MeSH.

MeSH is not the same in every database (different databases ma index terms into different hierarchy)

By clicking on the blue links you can find out how many results are attributed to that term.

The scope notes can give details of previous terminology and year of entry into that database

MeSH is not compulsory to use but is advisable

The Explode option will find any mention of that term

The Focus option refines the search so that articles which contain the term as a major theme are focused on

By not selecting Explode or Focus a “middle way” search is done