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I'm not a member of the University of Manchester, can I make photocopies during my visit?

Yes, but only a limited amount.  We cannot reproduce entire books or journals; please ask staff for the details of how much photocopying we can provide.


If you are not a member of staff or a student of the University of Manchester you will need to fill out a photocopy request form at the Customer Services Desk.  You will need to agree to copyright terms and conditions.  A member of staff will then make the copies and you will be charged for the printing costs. (Please see the table below for prices).


Please note that we can only provide this service immediately if we have enough staff available.  If we cannot do your photocopying straight away, we will post if out to you as soon as possible at no extra cost.


If you are not visiting the University of Manchester Library in person, please direct any enquiries about reproductions of material to our Document Supply Team.


Printing costs:

Paper Type

Per Copy

Mono A4 Single-sided


Mono A4 Double-sided


Mono A3 Single-sided


Mono A3 Double-sided


Colour A4 Single-sided


Colour A4 Double-sided


Colour A3 Single-sided


Colour A3 Double-sided