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I've topped up my account for printing but the credit doesn't appear on my account, why is this?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to currently see your credit:

  • You may have checked your account on an MFD so quickly after adding the credit that it hasn't had time to update the information.
  • During busy periods an MFD may have a temporary connection issue and it will take a little longer to connect to your credit.  If you then try a second MFD it will not be able to access your account as the first machine is still trying to connect.  Please make sure you have completely logged out of all the MFDs that you have scanned your card on, wait 60 seconds and try again.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, please seek assistance from a member of customer services or IT services staff.
  • If you have topped up your printing account and your credit does not appear when you check on MyManchester, please seek assistance from IT services staff in the library or contact the IT helpdesk.
  • If you have topped up your printing account and are trying to pay library fines, you will need to transfer the money from the ePay section of epayments to the Library Fees section.