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I'm a student at the University of Manchester; how do I print?

***Printing is not a free service.You will require an adequate amount of printing credit for whatever you wish to print. This amount will vary depending on how you wish to print. All University of Manchester students have a printing overdraft of £2. This means you can print up to the cost of £2 without adding credit. You will have to pay this back.***

  • To print a document from a PC select the print option.
  • You will then have to choose how you want it to be printed. There are four print choices that are available they are:
    • Colour (Single sided)
    • Colour (Double sided)
    • Mono (Single sided)
    • Mono (Double sided)





  • The default printing option won’t always be the most appropriate. Select the printing style you want e.g. MonoDoubleSided

  • Once you have sent your document to print you will be able to collect it from any of the MFDs (Multi Functional Device for printing, copying and scanning).
  • You will need to touch your card at the appropriate point on the MFD to log in and then select the "Pull Print" option.